A Day With Andreas M. Antonopoulos In Malaysia

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Why Did Andreas M. Antonopoulos Visit Malaysia in 2017?

Before I get into why I think one of the world’s top personality, Andreas Antonopoulos visited Malaysia a few days ago, let me tell you a little bit about him.

Who Is Andreas M. Antonopoulos?


andreas-m-antonopoulosIn short, Andreas is a known public figure who is considered by many as one of the worlds foremost experts in Cryptography, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. He is a Security & Distributed Systems Expert, Bitcoin Expert, Speaker, Coder, Entrepreneur and Author. You can connect with Andreas on LinkedIn.

He is currently the CTO for Third Key Solutions, a cryptographic solutions and consulting company and has been an advisor to the US government for many years.

For about 20 years, he has advised hundreds or maybe even thousands of organizations on emerging technologies and trends and has helped them consult and implement cryptographic key management solutions using decentralized digital currencies, distributed blockchains, and asset-tokens. His company also specializes in implementing simple and complex multisignature configurations for wallets, exchanges, crowd-sales, co-ops, and other innovative projects. You can visit their website to learn more about them.

Details Of The Event – A Day With Andreas –


This is in fact the first time ever Andreas has visited Malaysia and personally, I think to have him come here all the way from the US, is indeed, a great honor.

That’s Terence at the back.

Overall, the event was very well organized. Main organizers were BLOKTEX and MIGHT was roped in as the co-organizer. Hats-off to the teams to have pulled this through. They did a really nice job, I think. And oh yaa, they hired Terence as the MC of the day. Great choice, no doubt.

They kick-started the event slightly delayed, about 15-mins off schedule but that is normal I think in events like these. Anyway, Andreas was already seated when I arrived. Oh yaa…on a side note, you won’t believe if I told you, I met a long lost classmate, Matthew Rajendra in the event. We were overjoyed and shocked at the same time. Destiny’s way of making people cross paths!

Anyway, coming back to the topic, after the keynote was delivered by Might’s CEO, Andreas got on the stage and began his session.

From the outset, hearing Andreas speak ‘live’ for the very first time was like magic to me. I’ve been only recently introduced to him. Seen couple of his videos and read one of his mind boggling books on Bitcoin tech, “Mastering Bitcoin”. So, naturally, I was all ears and eyes throughout the event.

Then we had a short 30-min break and got back into the hall where Andreas continued with some really powerful Q&A sessions before ending the talk around 5pm.

TIP: You can visit Amazon.com to buy Andreas book, Mastering Bitcoin.

And here is a short video clip I managed to record of him sharing something important on that day.

Here’s Why I Think Andreas Came To Malaysia

From my intel, Colbert Lau of BitcoinMalaysia.com and member of Bitcoin Malaysia Advisory, worked closely with Bloktex and MIGHT to bring Andreas down to our Malaysian shores and apparently they’ve been working really hard at it for sometime now.

So, after the event closed, and meeting with the man himself, I gathered the idea behind Andreas Antonopolus visit was he personally was looking forward to visit Malaysia too. He wanted to engage and connect with entrepreneurs, Fintech companies and the general population in this part of the region. Andreas felt his presence would make a shift in many minds especially of the government to look at Bitcoin and the Blockchain as a legit technology which should be embraced and adopted with open arms, sooner than later. Word is, Andreas charged a fraction for coming down and speaking in the event.

In Conclusion

I feel we Malaysians are very blessed to have Andreas visit us on 22nd February 2017. He is so highly sought after by so many neighboring countries. Many governments and private companies have booked him for speaking in their events as well as for consultation work, but yet, he decided to visit Malaysia first. Thank you Andreas.

His message was crystal clear, that Bitcoin and the Blockchain tech is here to stay. He mentioned, startups that are directly involved with this technology and have found a ‘real-world’ need to fulfill will prosper as many VC’s and Angel funds are searching to invest in these type of companies.

He also warned Malaysians to stay away from ‘ponzi’ schemes. He said,

“Seems like they’ve mushroomed all over lately and they are eyeing Asians simply because there are more first-time new Asian investors in the marketplace seeking for a good return for their investments. Those who do not read or keep themselves abreast with information and know-how from the ‘right’ resources will end up becoming scapegoats to these unscrupulous people running these ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.

Did you attend the event? What are your thoughts about it? Pls share in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello Amarjit. Nice picture, luvly pose:) It’s nice to know you met Mr Andreas. I’m a big fan of his work and did meet him last year in Berlin Bitcoin conference. Did you or anyone else record more of what he said?

    1. Hi Anthony. Thank you for your comments. I’m afraid, due to my phone battery at the event, all I could record was the 40sec vid which you’ve probably already viewed. However, I will ask around to see if anyone else recorded a longer version. Will get back to you. Thanks once again 🙂

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