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I compiled and published Bitcoin Pro Guide with one objective in mind:

To help anyone who has zero knowledge about bitcoin, blockchain etc to quickly teach them the basics so they can become pros. Here’s what’s covered in the book:-

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin’s key difference from paper money.
Who created Bitcoin?
Who prints or shall I say ‘mint’ Bitcoins?
What? Bitcoins are limited?
What is Bitcoin based on?
Bitcoin characteristics?
Why Use Bitcoin?
How Bitcoin Mining Works?
What’s a hashrate?
How Mining companies get paid?
Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
Has anyone actually met Nakamoto?
How To Purchase Bitcoins, Legally?
Best ways to buy Bitcoins in Asia
What is a wallet & what are my favorite wallets?
How to download your own bitcoin wallet?
What are exchanges & which ones do I use?
Warnings on exchanges, wallets and banks.
…and much more.