Bitcoin Fixed Deposit in Japan


There is a lot happening in the land of the Sun (Japan) and recently the Japanese government is planning a Bitcoin fixed deposit for the Japanese people. I’m all excited to share the latest on the on goings of Bitcoin, Blockchain and other cryptos in Japan. From one first to the next, Japan will soon offer Bitcoin users […]

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Bitcoin ETF Rejected! Now what?


Most of you who have been following up with the Winklevoss ETF story I published a few weeks ago and also from the many news pieces on the Internet, may already know the fate of the famous proposal for COIN Etf was shot down (rejected) by the SEC last week. The question is, how has this affected the […]

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Is Bitcoin and Blockchain ‘Safe’?


This question is constantly on people’s minds, “how safe is Bitcoin or the Blockchain, really?” Before I attempt to answer this question, we first need to understand that NO particular individual, company, bank or government owns Bitcoin or the Blockchain. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency (at least that’s what me and countless others are using it as) […]

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