Porsche Innovation Contest: Take Home EUR25,000


You may have heard of Porsche’s latest stint called ‘Porsche Innovation Contest’. If not, it’s not too late to get in. I always get excited when car companies start to show interest in blockchain tech. First it was Toyota, then Mercedes and now Porsche. (Moreover, when I first heard about this, I remembered sitting in my […]

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Is Bitcoin and Blockchain ‘Safe’?


This question is constantly on people’s minds, “how safe is Bitcoin or the Blockchain, really?” Before I attempt to answer this question, we first need to understand that NO particular individual, company, bank or government owns Bitcoin or the Blockchain. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency (at least that’s what me and countless others are using it as) […]

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Will Bitcoin Go Mainstream?

I always get this question when talking to someone who’s never heard of Bitcoin or who hasn’t done enough homework to know what’s happening in the Bitcoin world. Some of the stuff me and Kevin are going to share in here may shock you but be rest assured, Bitcoin is in good hands 🙂 Here’s what […]

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